Student media can be a useful way to build the presence of the Marxist society on campus. It is also a useful tool to be used for campaigning activity on campus. The most important thing to remember is that we want to use student media to put our ideas across – we must never water down our Marxist ideas just for the sake of getting recognised by student media. We would rather not get any coverage at all than coverage for ideas that are not Marxist. You should always identify yourself clearly as being a member of the Marxist Student Federation and your local Marxist society.

Below are some ideas for how to go about engaging with student media on campus.

  1. Contact the editors of student newspapers and offer to write articles

This could be sparked by some local event that you would like to offer a Marxist perspective on, such as strike action at the university, course closures etc. Alternatively you could offer to write a regular column, giving a Marxist perspective on events at the university on a regular basis.

When you contact the editors you should make it clear that you are from the Marxist society on campus and would like to offer a Marxist perspective on the issue.

  1. Contact student radio and offer to give an interview

This could be an interview about a particular topic that is relevant on your campus at the moment. Or it could be an interview about the Marxist society more generally – what you’ve been up to and why people should join.

  1. Send out press releases to student media whenever the Marxist society is planning a campaign or to move a motion to the student union etc.

This doesn’t have to be a very formal press release because we’re dealing with student media. But informing the student press of the activity of the Marxist society when it comes to campaigns or moving motions is important. You should provide information such as the nature of the campaign, why it is happening, what the aim is and how to contact you to get in touch about it.

  1. Think nationally

As well as the local student newspapers there may national student press who are willing to publish articles by Marxist students. Some examples are Guardian Students, the Huffington Post, Times Higher Education, etc.

  1. Adapt your style and tone to the publication that you are writing for/being interviewed by

We never change or water down our politics but it is acceptable to adapt your style and tone of writing and speaking to the relevant media outlet.

For example, if writing for a local university newspaper it will be necessary to make more references to local questions and issues that may not resonate with people outside of that particular university. Whereas writing for a national publication will require a broader angle that will be relevant to students all over the country.

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