On January 23, the president of the opposition controlled Venezuelan National Assembly Juan Guaidó appointed himself as “president in charge” at a street rally. He was immediately recognised as “legitimate president” of Venezuela by Trump, Bolsonaro, Canada, Colombia and the Organisation of American States.

The US has threatened president Maduro, instructed him to resign and called on the Army to intervene to force him. This is an ongoing coup attempt.

President Maduro broke diplomatic and political relations with the US and gave their diplomatic staff 72h to leave the country.

We say HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! The Venezuelan people should chose their own president, not the White House.

Jointly with the Hands Off Venezuela campaign we are organising a picket of Downing Street on Monday 28 January froim 16:30-18:30 to demand:

– UK should not recognise Juan Guaidó as “president” of Venezuela and
– that the Bank of England should immediately hand back the 14 tonnes of Venezuelan gold it is withholding form the Venezuelan authorities.

And on Wednesday 30 January at 19:00 we are organising a public meeting in Central London (exact location TBC) to discuss what is happening in Venezuela and how to oppose imperialist intervention.


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