Yesterday the General Assembly at Paul-Valery University in Montpellier passed a resolution calling for a general strike to bring down the Macron government.

The same resolution is being brought to university General Assemblies in Toulouse Jean-Jaures today, and in Nanterre (Pairs) and Lyon in the near future.

Inspired to link up with the Yellow Vest movement, which has been sweeping France, the Marxist Student groups at the university moved the resolution to the General Assembly.

The full text of the resolution is as follows:

“The General Assembly expresses its support for the Yellow Vest movement and for all workers, and school and university students who have mobilised to fight Macron’s anti-working class policies.

“It is no longer a question of fighting this or that individual attack on the working class, henceforth we must fight against the totality of government policy. This government is no longer legitimate. We must overthrow it.

“In order to achieve this, the trade union movement must put a 24-hour general strike on the agenda, as a starting point for a wide movement of unlimited strike action.”

The Marxist students pushing this resolution are the youth wing of Revolution, the International Marxist Tendency in France – the organisation to which the Marxist Student Federation is also affiliated.

This video shows the resolution being proposed in Toulouse yesterday, to be voted on today:

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