A Sutton Trust study published last week has shown that 48% of 11-16 year olds in London have had private tuition in addition to their regular schooling.

This is the unacceptable reality of inequality in Britain, and especially London today. Pupils with parents rich enough to pay for extra tuition will end up with far more life opportunities than those without.

The Sutton Trust wants to tackle this problem by convincing the government to pay for private tuition for poorer pupils. But surely the better solution would just be to adequately fund schools so that private tuition isn’t necessary at all?

But trying to convince a weak Tory government trying to manage capitalist crisis to spend more money on anyone except the 1% won’t get you very far. If we want proper investment in education we should abolish private schools and equitably distribute all their resources for the benefit of all instead of a privileged few. And we should nationalise the companies that benefit from well-educated school-leavers and use their resources to invest properly in education at all levels.

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