In the midst of the deepest crisis capitalism has ever experienced, a crisis that young people and workers are being made to pay for, Jeremy Corbyn’s inspiring bid for leadership of the Labour Party has been a beacon of hope for hundreds of thousands of people. Corbyn promises a fight against austerity, a battle with the establishment and a real future for millions of young people. Corbyn’s campaign is proving in practice the support that exists for radical socialist ideas.

The massive influx of Corbyn supporters into the Labour Party, whether as members, supporters or affiliated trade unionists, can be the basis for a powerful movement for socialism. There is no force on earth stronger than the organised working class, which holds in its hands the power to fundamentally transform society for the better. Whether Corbyn wins or loses this leadership election, and we hope he wins decisively, the energy and enthusiasm that has surrounded his campaign must be used to continue the fight for socialism.

In schools, colleges and universities up and down the country the Marxist Student Federation will be putting on meetings to discuss how to turn the Corbyn phenomenon into a successful socialist movement. We will be campaigning to defend Corbyn, his supporters and his ideas against attacks by the Tories, the capitalist press and the right wing of the Labour Party.

Students everywhere can organise meetings, write articles for the student and local press, and pass resolutions through student unions calling for a socialist alternative to austerity. We should engage as much as possible with students and workers about why socialism is necessary, what it could look like and how we can build it using the momentum of the Corbyn campaign.

Above all, if we are to organise a serious movement against austerity we need a clear political programme. The Marxist Student Federation believes that austerity is part of the logic of capitalism. If we want to end austerity we must break with capitalism and fight for socialism. We will be campaigning to convince students and workers of these ideas and we appeal to everyone who wants to defend Corbyn and fight for socialism to join us.

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