According to this article on the Her Campus magazine website, the Bristol Marxist Society is one of the best up-and-coming societies at the university. According to the magazine:

“With what is sure to be a close run and controversial general election coming up in the spring there has never been a more apt time to engage in student politics. In line with the growing trend toward Socialism throughout Europe, the Marxist society has become increasingly popular with Bristol students over the past few years.

It has by far the largest student following of any political society (with almost two hundred members on their Facebook page). Moreover the society takes part in a wealth of social events and campaigns on campus, most notably in their support of the recent UoB teaching strikes.

If you’re looking for a place to engage in lively (and often cider fuelled) debate, this up-and-coming society is one of the best places in Bristol to do it.”

If you haven’t been already, why not come along?


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