The school and college term has begun again with less than two weeks to go before the result of the Labour Party leadership is announced. To the horror of the Tories, the rich and the establishment, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has rocked the British political scene by energising hundreds of thousands of people who are inspired by left wing ideas. Here are a few things you can do at your school or college to defend Corbyn and fight for socialist ideas:

1. Start a petition

Stella petition

Corbyn and his supporters have come under brutal attack by the Tories, the right wing press and the right wing of the Labour Party. Nearly always these attacks have been massive distortions of the facts, and have resulted in personal attacks on Corbyn and the barring or expulsion of his supporters from the Labour Party. Why not draw up a statement on behalf of the students at your school defending Corbyn and condemning the attacks on him


2. ‘Defend Corbyn, Fight for Socialism!’ photo campaign


Make a few signs and ask students and staff to have their photo taken with them. Post the photos to Facebook and on Twitter, and send them to the Marxist Student Federation via


3. Interview students


Thousands of young people are getting involved in Corbyn’s campaign because he offers something different to traditional Westminster politics. He has promised free education and an end to austerity. Interview students at your school and ask why they are supporting Corbyn. Write it up, send it in to and we’ll publish it on our website.


4. Interview staff


Teachers and other staff in schools and colleges have had attacks on their working conditions, their pay and their quality of life over the last few years, thanks to austerity. Corbyn offers an alternative to this. Interview your staff and ask them why they support him.


5. Set up a socialist discussion group


Many students are interested in questions like “what is socialism and what will it look like?” and “what are the ideas of Marxism and are they still relevant?”. Why not set up a group of students to discuss these and other questions? Get in touch with for advice and guidance on how to do this, ideas for discussion topics, suggested reading and also to let us know how you’re getting on.

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