The Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership pledged today that tuition fees would be entirely abolished in time for students starting university in the autumn of 2018. And that, in addition, those who start university in autumn 2017 would have their first year of fees written off, and that there would be no further obligations to pay for the remainder of their education for any student.

This is further proof that Corbyn’s manifesto is the most left-wing Labour manifesto for decades. Its policies aim to defend young and working class people against the onslaught of austerity that has been undermining our current and future standards of education, health, employment and living for years. We know that this austerity is a product of a capitalist system in crisis, and we are sure that it will be a step forward for overthrowing this system to strike a blow against the Tories and the establishment by getting Corbyn into 10 Downing Street on 8 June.

Today is the last day that we can register to vote. It has to be done by midnight. All you need is your National Insurance number and you can register here:

If just 30% more young people vote in this election then it could swing the election for Labour. 55% of students are pro-Labour. And according to a poll at the weekend Labour are now within 9 points of the Tories. Registering to vote today, and voting for Labour on 8 June, is the duty of everyone who wants to fight for a better world.

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