Yesterday we were accosted by a couple of far-right people at our stall on the Glasgow uni campus. They accused us of being part of a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ and singled out one of our comrades for being blonde-haired and blue-eyed, saying that she did not belong in our group.

We tried to ridicule them initially, hoping they would leave, but they continued to berate us, with one of them threatening to ‘whip the table’ just as Jesus had whipped the money lenders.

Things escalated and we ended up reciprocating their aggression. We told them bluntly just to leave but they retorted with ‘it’s a free country.’ When they eventually started leaving one of them threatened to ‘come back with twenty guys.’

Although they did not say so, these people where white supremacists. They talked about a ‘European race’ and something along the lines of a ‘league of young men.’ A couple of the comrades heard them say something about a ‘white Europe.’

We need to be aware that this kind of thing is not limited to edgy internet forums and is actually taking place on campus. We will be at the anti-racism demo this weekend and we also have next weeks Marxist Society meeting on fighting fascism. We need a big turnout at both of these events, which will be properly stewarded to keep everyone safe, to send a message that this kind of behaviour won’t intimidate us.

These people are just one symptom of capitalism’s degeneration; plain old reactionaries who feel threatened by progressive politics. However, compared to the socialist current on campus, they remain a weak force. Forward with the fight for socialism!

by Glasgow Marxists

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