The annual Revolution Festival, hosted by Socialist Appeal and the Marxist Student Federation, will be taking place in London from Friday 19 October to Sunday 21 October 2018. The event will be held at Student Central in Malet Street and will feature discussions on a huge variety of topics, including:
  • Rosa Luxemburg and the German Revolution
  • France 1968: the biggest general strike in history
  • Protectionism and Free Trade
  • Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence
  • The Prague Spring 1968
  • Martin Luther King and the Black Struggle
  • Ten years since the 2008 crash
  • From abortion rights to feminist strikes
  • The 1978 Spanish Revolution and the Fall of Franco
Tickets will cost £10 unwaged and £25 waged and £40 solidarity. We are expecting this year’s Revolution Festival to be the biggest and best yet, and we are anticipating selling out of tickets in advance of the event. So fill out the form below to register your interest in the event today!

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