The Marxist Student Federation is a national organisation of young workers and students who want to overcome capitalism. We fight for a revolutionary change and we need your help! We have Marxist Societies in universities and colleges across the country that you can get involved in. Find out about what our comrades have been up to in this video here.

Capitalism is in crisis and every day we’re seeing new crises arise. Students and workers are bearing the brunt of the dying system. We need to fight this. In order to change the world, we must first understand it. This is why we write and publish articles about current events, theory and historical analysis.

We need socialism to secure our future

  While out selling the Socialist Appeal newspaper in the centre of Sheffield this weekend, an elderly gentleman informed me that I will change my mind about socialism when I…

Lenin on the National Question

  The existence of nations, nation states, and national consciousness, is a characteristic feature of the capitalist epoch. Before the advent of capitalism, there was no genuine national consciousness in…

Cambridge University teams up with Saudi monarchy

Recently, Cambridge University signed a deal with the Saudi monarchy to establish a research centre KACST-Cambridge  (King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology – Cambridge Centre) dedicated to biological, chemical and…

Marx Was Right! – IMT Winter School success

  From 15th-17th November the International Marxist Tendency held the IMT Winter School 2013, hosted by UCLU Marxist Society.Over 130 attendees from across the country and the rest of northern…

Students and workers shoulder to shoulder

The Fire Brigades Union is currently squaring up to the government in a dispute over pensions and pay. Fire fighters have now been on strike three times, most recently on…

KCL to mobilise for the living wage

On Tuesday 12th November 2013 students and staff at Kings College London will be demonstrating for the living wage for University staff. Despite its promise to do so, KCL still hasn’t increased…

At the Marxist Student Federation, we believe in fighting to change the world. That’s why we fight for the things we believe in. Not only do we fight alongside workers and youth, we fight campaigns of our own on issues we think are important. Stand with us and fight for a better world!

Tell the truth!
Black History Month: Fight For Liberation!

Marxist Students up and down the country have been involved in rent strike campaigning. Students have been forced back into University halls in order to keep  up profit. Education should not be a commodity, we need a free education. Fight the University bosses!

The British government have banned teaching anti-capitalist materials in English schools. This is a blatant attempt to stop young people coming to revolutionary conclusions. The Marxist Student Federation is fighting back against this by telling the truth on economics, history and politics. 

The MSF published a series of articles and videos on the origins of slavery; the roots of racism; the black power struggle; from Windrush to the refugee crisis; and how we must fight against capitalism, racism, and all forms of oppression.

Lenin said that without revolutionary theory there could be no revolutionary movement. This is entirely correct. The ruling class tries to teach us in a way which benefits them, telling us that capitalism is the only system we can live under. However, this is untrue. Every 2 weeks we will be posting a theoretical article on a different topic, from economics, to philosophy to lessons learnt from centuries of fighting. Learn more here.


As Marxists, we understand that socialism is international, or it is nothing. This is why we’re proud to be a part the International Marxist Tendency, a revolutionary organisation present in over 40 countries – and growing! We are also supporters of Socialist Appeal, the Marxist Voice of Labour and Youth, which is the British section of the IMT. Check out these websites for more information.

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