Rent Strike

Marxist Students up and down the country have been involved in rent strike campaigning. Students have been forced back into University halls in order to keep  up profit. Education should not be a commodity, we need a free education. Fight the University bosses!

This latest fiasco has only underlined why education should be free; why we need full maintenance grants for all; and why universities should be institutions of learning, not profit-hungry monsters that survive on the brutal exploitation of staff and students.

If the Tory government says this is unrealistic and unaffordable, then we must fight to kick out the Tories – and kick out capitalism! The money exists to fully-fund our universities. We say: make the bosses pay for this crisis!

We must connect the current situation to the ongoing struggle for workers rights’ and the fight for socialism, in Britain and internationally. Students and workers: unite and fight!


york uni deportation

York University threatens deportation of rent strikers

Early last month, the University of York (UoY) hired a debt collection agency to target international students involved in the previous rent strike. The intimidation they have faced, and their…

Lessons of the Lancaster Rent Strike

The Lancaster rent strike emerged during the national student movement against universities and landlords during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Newcastle to Bristol thousands of students withheld their rent, and Lancaster…
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Goldsmiths Rent Strike – UPDATE

Goldsmith’s Rent Strike began at the start of January. This was due to the lies that were told to students regarding coming to halls back at the start of the…

Rent strike reports

The MSF is intervening in rent strikes up and down the country. On the ground, we have been supporting and building for the strikes wholeheartedly. We have been raising our…

Given the recent occupation at the University of Manchester, we thought it would be useful to re-share this article entitled ‘How to stage a successful occupation’. Marxist students, over the years, have been involved in many occupations. Here is what we have learnt. 

When considering how to stage a successful occupation one thing in particular must be borne in mind above all else. Any occupation will only be successful if it’s connected with broad layers of students. Without mass support, including support from the local UCU, any occupation will be confined to a thin layer of activists and the action might even risk alienating some students.

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