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Welcome to the UCL Marxist Society! We’re a group of Marxists on campus who are fighting for revolutionary ideas in the labour and youth movements. We host regular meetings where we discuss current events, as well as historical and philosophical topics. We also hold reading groups where we delve deeper into Marxist texts, to arm ourselves with the best ideas to fight for international socialist revolution. But we’re far from being just a discussion club: every year, we get involved in various campaigns and actions on campus and beyond. In 2019/20, our members campaigned for a Corbyn-led Labour government in power on a socialist programme, and went doorknocking and phonebanking in marginal seats around London. We also got involved in the UCU strikes, standing in solidarity with striking lecturers and against marketisation of education, as well as the ongoing struggles of precarious workers on campus organised in the IWGB. Our comrades have also been involved in many other protests and rallies, standing in solidarity with workers and young people fighting exploitation and oppression. We got involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, attending demonstrations and putting forward our perspective that racism is part and parcel of the capitalist system. During the lockdown, we have also been trying to make the most out of our time by organising online meetings and reading groups with comrades all around the world. We participated in the International Marxist University in July, the biggest online gathering of Marxists in history, with 6,000 participants from 120 countries. We’ve been fighting for socialism and revolution in every way possible last year and now we need your help to carry this on. Join the UCL Marxist Society today!

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