Comrades from the Leeds University Marxist Society attended last Saturday’s demo defending our NHS from the vicious attacks by the Tories.

The NHS crisis is only another symptom of the crisis of the capitalist system. Austerity and privatisations are not ideological decisions, but organic necessities stemming from the impasse we’ve reached under capitalism. This explains why parties from the right and left have been bailing out the banks and carrying out vicious attacks on the masses since 2008.

In order to save our NHS and to develop it to its true potential, we have to break with this decrepit system. We call for the nationalisation of the big banks and big businesses, under workers control; the abolition of the market to be replaced by a democratically run planned economy that produces for the needs of society, not profits. Under these conditions, we would develop the NHS at an incredible rate: more staff working fewer hours, more and better hospitals, huge development of medical equipment, development of medicines, etc. Ultimately, the ills in society are the consequence of private property and profit. By abolishing these two conditions of today’s society, and replacing them with communal property and production for need, we would resolve many of the problems we face today. If you agree with our ideas, join us in the fight to abolish capitalism! For a socialist society!

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