UAL Marxist Society

Welcome to the UAL Marxist Society! We are a group of young Marxist activists across the various UAL colleges fighting for revolution! Our aim is to educate ourselves in Marxist theory, campaign to build the forces of Marxism, and to continue the struggle towards socialism. We host discussions and debates on history, politics, economics and philosophy from a Marxist perspective, as well as reading groups, where we study the classic works of Marxism. We have been active at UAL since November 2020, with comrades getting involved in the rent strike campaign and attending demonstrations with other activists in the MSF. We also hope to get involved with struggles on campus and beyond as lockdown eases. Meetings are open to both students and anyone who wants to get involved. Please get in touch with us on social media or use the form below to help build UAL Marxist Society and fight for revolution!

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