Why I Fight – The need for revolutionary leadership in the trade unions

This period in Britain is marked by industrial disputes. From the RMT to the CWU to Unite and Unison, every union finds itself locked in battle. This crisis of capitalism has led the working class to fight on the industrial front. Both questions of winning reforms today and winning the class war in the long run can only be solved with a revolutionary leadership in the trade unions. This is why I fight. 

Why I got organised: Overcoming the feeble strength of one

Young people have been affected deeply by the crisis of capitalism. Education is under threat, living conditions are worsening and, as a result, people are getting more angry. That anger alone is not enough, many people want something to change but feel defeated by the prospect of making that change happen. Having the ideas of Marxism, and an organisation of dedicated revolutionaries backing up action, can allow this feeling to be overcome.