The Tories are still in government and no one is in any doubt about just how vicious their austerity will be. They have already outlined their plans to cut the living standards of the working class while the rich pile up all of society’s wealth for themselves.

We are furious at being made to pay for a crisis for which we bear no responsibility. We will march on Saturday 20 June, alongside comrades from all over the country, demanding an end to austerity.

But we are under no illusions that one Saturday afternoon demonstration is going to change things. We know we’re not going to convince the Tories to stop cutting, nor the rich to stop exploiting. We know they’re not doing these things for ideological reasons but because their economic system – capitalism – is in crisis and austerity is the only way to save it.

This is why we want fundamental change to the whole system. We want revolution.

We know that Saturday’s demonstration isn’t going to be a revolution. But we will be there arguing for how it can be achieved. The workers around the world are the ones who keep society functioning. A general strike would prove who really runs society – this is what the trade unions should be arguing for. The working class has the power, the ability and the right to run society for its own interests and needs, not those of the elite super-rich who only care about profits.

This is what our revolution will look like. The workers of the world will storm the barricades of bourgeois society that have held us down for so long. We will build a new society with real workers’ democracy and an economy based on need, not profit.

We will be fighting for this on Saturday and beyond. Join us.



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