Tell the Truth!

The British government have banned teaching anti-capitalist materials in English schools. This is a blatant attempt to stop young people coming to revolutionary conclusions. The Marxist Student Federation is fighting back against this by telling the truth on economics, history and politics. 

Support Paul Holmes!

Paul Holmes is the clear grassroots candidate in the contest for Unison general secretary. He has gained strong support from across the union in his bid to unseat the right-wing bureaucracy, receiving over 100 nominations from branches around the country.

Black History Month: Fight for Liberation!

The MSF published a series of articles and videos on the origins of slavery; the roots of racism; the black power struggle; from Windrush to the refugee crisis; and how we must fight against capitalism, racism, and all forms of oppression.

Marxist Voice for Young Labour

The Marxist Voice for Young Labour slate fought in the Momentum primaries on a bold socialist programme, calling for an offensive against the Blairites. One of our candidates, Lewis Griffiths, has made it onto the Socialism Future slate. His election would be a huge achievement for the Marxist tendency in Britain.