Westminster Marxists

Welcome to the University of Westminster Marxist society! We are the youngest Marxist society of the UK and we work in order to promote Marxist ideas and the fight for socialism. We organise meetings, socials and reading groups to study Marxist Theory, and participate in protests in and off campus to fight for the collective interests of workers and youth. Our meetings are open to students at the university but also to anyone else who has interest in participating. Our work is directly related to Socialist appeal and in particular to the Kensington branch which has been taken care of organising the meetings and of being a contact for the members involved. We have been starting in February 2020 and most of our activity has been done online, due to COVID lockdown measures. We are in fact at the moment holding discussions hosted via zoom that regard a various range of topics: from struggles of the present, such as climate change, looked at by a Marxist lens to general and historical understandings of Marxist philosophy and economics. We look forward to involve anyone who feels that the actual society needs a socialist turn in its structure in order to change effectively for the better! 

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