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Welcome to Southampton Marxist Society! We’re a group of young Marxists at your university, fighting for international socialist revolution. We hold weekly meetings on revolutionary history, current affairs, and Marxist theory, as well as socials and regular reading groups on Marxist classics. During the coronavirus lockdown, we have continued to hold public meetings. Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement! But we don’t just talk: we act, and have been involved in various campaigns, both on and off campus. When university staff went on strike last academic year to defend their pensions and pay, we mobilised students to support them. We attended UCU picket lines every day, and built student solidarity with staff against the marketisation of education, speaking at rallies. We have also taken part in the Fridays4Future climate strikes, marching with young people from across the city, and advocating a revolutionary solution to the climate crisis – one which capitalism is incapable of providing. During last year’s general election, we took part in door-knocking and rallies to fight for a socialist Labour government, and more recently, have been involved in the A-level fiasco protest held in Southampton. With each day, capitalism moves closer to barbarism. There has never been a better or more important time to learn about the ideas of Marxism and get involved in the fight for socialism. This parasitic system, that has caused so much suffering to people and planet, isn’t going to overthrow itself.

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