Welcome to the University of Manchester Marxist Society! We’re a group of young Marxists in your university fighting for international revolution. We host regular meetings where we read or discuss the crisis of capitalism and how to fight for a better world.

We also get involved in various campaigns both in and outside of the University. Last academic year we hit the ground running with the general election campaigning. We fought for a socialist Labour government alongside other left wing groups. We also got involved in the UCU strikes, standing in solidarity with striking lecturers and against marketisation of education.

Our comrades also attended many other protests and rallies to fight alongside various workers. We were involved in the Free Rojava campaigning which took place in the winter as well as more recently the Black Lives Matter movement and A Level strike movements. Our comrades have been constantly active during coronavirus, talking about social and political issues online.

We’ve been fighting for socialism and revolution in every way possible last year and now we need your help to carry this on. Join the UoM Marxist Society today!


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Yesterday, comrades from Manchester Socialist Appeal attended the NHS pay justice demonstration in Piccadilly Gardens. The tory government has announced a pay rise between 2% and 3.1% for almost 900,000 public sector workers, but this is far too little too late. After a decade of relentless austerity, nearly half a million public sector jobs have been axed while real wages continue to lag behind. Although they risk their lives daily under these conditions, care workers and most NHS staff have been left out of the deal completely. Now is not the time for handwringing, now is the time to organise and fight! – – #nhs #nhspayrise #nhspay15 #hospitalparking #clapforourcarers #clapforcarers #clapfornhs #keyworkers #socialism #socialist #marxism #marxist #revolution #capitalismkills

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