Welcome to the University of Leicester Marxist Society!

We are now in our second year at the university and we aim to spread Marxist ideas in the university and stand up for a society in which all our resources are used for the needs of the majority and not as a means to profit for the privileged few.

We are members of the Marxist Student Federation and we hold regular weekly paper sales of Socialist Appeal and Revolution newspapers in the university (other paper sales in the university or the town centre may also be planned). We will be holding weekly meetings which will begin with a small talk on a particular topic, followed by discussion within the group. Meetings will be followed by trips to the Old Horse pub for a drink. We will also be holding trips to a few conferences like the Revolution festival in October and the Marxist Student Federation conference in February. And we hope to get stuck in with some local and national campaigns this year as well.

Join the society on the university students union website and get in touch using the form below!

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