Kent Marxist Society

Amidst a global economic crisis and pandemic, the ills of capitalism have never been more exasperated; if this tumultuous system proves anything, it’s that the ideas of Marxism has never been more relevant. We at the Kent Marxist Society are a group of young students fighting to achieve genuine socialism within our lifetime by revolutionary change, ushering in a system that serves the needs of the many.

Throughout the term we hold regular discussions on Marxist theory and philosophy, analysis of historic and current class-liberation struggles and host regular reading groups. By arming ourselves with the necessary knowledge, we can understand and explain the contradictions within capitalism, utilise theory as a tool to fight it, and bring about an International Revolution.

Putting these ideas into practice, we regularly involve ourselves with various campaigns and protests. This year we started by campaigning in the general election, advocating for a socialist Labour government and engaging with prospective voters about true socialist ideas. More recently we put forward one of our members as candidate for a Marxist Voice for Young Labour. We were also active during the UCU strikes, standing in solidarity with striking lecturers against the marketisation of education, as well as attending BLM and Climate Change marches. Even during a pandemic, we have continued to remain enthusiastically active online, educating ourselves on theory and spreading the ideas of genuine socialism.

We’ve been fighting for socialism and revolution in every way possible last year and now we need your help to carry this on. Join the Kent Marxist Society to advocate for true revolutionary change!


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