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We are the Cardiff University Marxists – an active group of young revolutionaries dedicated to understanding and applying the ideas of Marxism! In the midst of the most uncertain and chaotic period of world history in decades, we believe that the ideas Marxism are the only tool capable of understanding the dramatic events that are taking place, and also giving the final death-blow to the capitalist system itself. Bringing a much-needed class analysis to current and historical events, we scratch beneath the surface to draw out the lessons of the class struggle and connect them to the fight of the oppressed masses taking place across the world today. We also host reading groups on key texts in Marxist theory, understanding the genuine revolutionary ideas that are so often distorted by the enemies of the working class. As well as education, we are also committed to putting these ideas into practice. Over the past academic year have been involved in canvassing for the Corbyn campaign – not only door knocking but engaging with voters on key class questions. During the UCU strikes we played an active role in gathering student support for the strikes, connecting the student struggle for free education with the struggle of striking university staff. We also participated in many of the climate change and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. We are in a period that is unparalleled in world history, and the conditions being laid today are preparing to intensify the class struggle to unheard of heights. It is in this period that the ideas of Marxism have never been more relevant. Join us today to get involved the fight for socialism!

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