A recent petition that is part of the Defend Corbyn, Fight for Socialism campaign has been gathering support online and in public meetings. We publish below a selection of comments from people outraged at the way the media is treating Jeremy Corbyn – a shameless attempt by wealthy newspaper owners to smear a democratically elected Labour leader who is willing to stand up to them. Scandalously there are people within the Labour Party who are also guilty of working to undermine Jeremy – this behaviour must cease now.  Sign the petition today: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/hands-off-corbyn


“He ain’t extreme he’s representing mainstream interests like affordable housing and affordable degrees. The Tories have gone radically right wing – selling off the last vestiges of the welfare state and privatising the NHS, selling it off piece by piece to their mates while the BBC cheers them on.”
Jo Whitehouse, London

“Utterly despicable headlines yet again! Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life fighting injustice and helping the poor, sick, vulnerable and dispossessed. He is honest and cares deeply about these people. 1000% more than any politician I have ever known. Tory press are extremely unfair, dishonest and typically spreading their poisonous propaganda. There is more goodness in Jeremy Corbyn’s little finger, than there is in any one of you! You are and remain a disgrace to your profession.”
Ann Moore, New Tredegar

“Cameron and Osborne are the danger to the UK, as well as the right wing press”
Barry Gout, Cardiff

“I joined the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn and his policies. I expect them to get a fair hearing in the media and be supported by the party’s MPs”
Katherine Johnston, Leeds

“Stop the biased attack against Jeremy Corbyn by the corrupt media and neoliberal journalists in the UK.
The time of illegal invasions, and sucking up to the rich and the city is over. Face it.”
Alex Galanos, Bushey

“A majority vote, more & more people joining, because someone is listening to what people want. The career politicians need to get over themselves & remember what democracy is about!”
Liz Harrison

“The best we’ve had for a long time. Hands off you bunch of closet Tories!”
Sue Polshaw, Manchester

“The hysteria campaign against Corbyn shows that the mass movement has the Tories, the establishment and the entire ruling class running scared. The working class is waking up. It’s time to defend Corbyn against the abuse of the bosses and take up the fight for socialism!”
Ben Curry, Leeds

“Last time I looked I still lived in a democracy. JC might not be the politician the right wing and Blairites want running the country … but I DO !!! I will not buy another newspaper or follow BBC news until the media start respecting him and his views.”
Gill Smith, UK

“Corbyn gets my full backing…fight AUSTERITY..!!!!”
Dean Campbell, Sheffield

“I am absolutely apalled by the way the media have treated Jeremy Corbyn. It is shameful that a handful of newspapers owned by an unaccountable business elite should undermine democracy, abuse freedom of expression and violate an elected leader’s privacy and right to a fair hearing. Enough is enough!”
Mohammad Razai, Bracknell

“Restore Labour Party democracy. Any right-wing MPs and councillors that don’t like it can clear off to the Tories where they belong. And let’s democratise the media – the attacks on Jeremy by the filthy-rich press barons and the Oxbridge hacks of the BBC are showing once again that they don’t represent the views of the progressive majority.”
Andrew Sweet, Swansea

“These lies and slanders are disgusting but to be expected. there is another way to get elected which does not require the tory media. People on the ground. There are millions of us and very few of them, We have the majority of the young on our side and they can inspire us all to fight to defeat this vicious anti working class government. Re-joined the Party for the third time now and look forward to the political battles ahead to rid our party of Tory ideas.”
Mick Gowler, Worthing

“Corbyn is obviously a threat to the established method of politics which only favours the wealthy and the ruling elite. Blairites should go anyway as they, like their one time leader, are just leaches and traitors to the Labour party and the people they are supposed to represent.”
Maria Ghee, Welling

“Hey, I’m an American and I think Jeremy Corbyn is an inspiring example and should confront the Tories and the ruling class by turning the Labour Party into a real Democratic Socialist party.”
Evan Minniti, Beverly Hills, USA

“Onwards and upwards with Corbyn. Time for Labour to return to its roots,and values,lost by millionaires, like Blair and his right wing cronies.”
Rae McCusker, Ireland

“It was to be expected that the Tory gutter press would continually vilify Jeremy Corbyn but any Labour MPs assisting them are, quite bluntly, traitors. There is no excuse, especially after the press onslaught by the Blairites before the election.”
Richard Banker, Derby

“Jeremy Corbyn provides us with a clear and unambiguous message. He is clearly not in the pocketrs of the banks like so many other MPs, and he has historic support across the country. We are supposed to live in a democracy. It’s about time the media began acting their age, not their shoe size.”
John Nolan, Reigate

“Hands off Corbyn. A Labour party for the working class, Blairites please leave.”
Evan Roberts, Pathhead

“Corbyn is the man we need to fix this country. The right wing government and its puppets are threatened and are attacking him at every turn. I am proud to stand with him and bring down the Ivory Towers of social elitism that Cameron and Osbourne have built on the backs of the working people.”
Luke Newell, Wolverhampton

“It’s disgraceful attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Those doing it should resign, because he was democratically elected with a mandate.”
William Tabarn, Skelmersdale




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