Below is the final, full agenda for the national conference of the Marxist Student Federation. Join us tomorrow from 10:30 at UCL, Cruciform B304-LT1 to celebrate the centenary of the Russian Revolution!

We’ll be asking all participants for a £5 contribution on the door to the running costs of the conference. A small price to pay to help build the forces of Marxism in Britain!


In Defence of Lenin

Speaker: Steve Agnew, Sheffield Marxist Society
Chair: Fiona Lali, SOAS Marxist Society


Building the forces of Marxism on campus and beyond

Speaker: Joe Attard, KCL Marxist Society and UCU
Chair: Kelly Lane, Sheffield Marxist Society

Internationalism in action

Speaker: Ben Gliniecki, editor of Revolution newspaper
International visitors: Evandro Colzani and Tiago de Carvalho, Liberdade e Luta (Brazil)
Chair: Grace Dowswell, Mile End Socialist Appeal

Closing remarks

Speaker: Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal
Chair: Grace Dowswell, Mile End Socialist Appeal

Social: Wilkins Building, South Cloisters

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