The activities of your local Marxist society and the Marxist Student Federation as a whole require money. This covers printing costs, costs for the travel of speakers to and from the meetings, maintenance of the website etc. We have no big business backers and so the Federation is sustained exclusively by donations from Marxist society members and sympathisers. Below are some ideas for raising money to keep the society and the Federation financially afloat.

  1. Have a collection at your weekly Marxist society meeting

The aim should always be to cover the transport costs of the speaker at the meeting, but even if this is covered or not required, a collection should be held to raise money for other aspects of the society’s work.

  1. Host a social event each term

This can take any number of forms and can include raffles and pub quizzes. Revolutionaries have an excellent tradition of drinking and socialising and we must make the most of this to raise money for the Federation.

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