The Marxist Student Federation has hundreds of educated, fighting Marxists across the country. We believe in teaching the reality of Marxist history and theory in order to win the battles to come. Here are 2 of our online series, one with longer historical talks and the latter with shorter snapshots of Marxist theory.


Online Revolution Series

As lockdown began, the Marxist Student Federation took to online means to talk about history and theory. As Lenin said, “without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.’. As Marxists, we think it’s extremely important to the lessons of the past. Not just the successes but the failures too. This Revolution series covered some of the most historically important revolutions, although it certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. Watch our videos below!







Myths of Marxism

Marxism is the only theory that can genuinely change the world. That means that many of scared of it. Constant lies and myths about Marxism are spouted. The Marxist Student Federation is fighting back. We created a series of short videos explaining how they are only lies and slander. Watch more below.









Looking for the communists?

We've moved to over to a new website! Head here for communist news, theory, and activity, brought to you by the IMT! Feel free to exit this pop-up to read the MSF archives.



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