Between 28-31 January, at the occupied Flaskô factory in Sumaré, the second annual Revolutionary Camp took place. It was organised by the ‘Free and Accessible For All’ campaign with the aim of educating young political activists and founding a new youth organisation.

Liberdade e Luta

On the first day, after the arrival of the delegates and the issuing of credentials, there was a guided tour of the Flaskô factory which has been occupied for more than 12 years by the factory workers. After the guided tour the opening session was held, which included talks by comrades from Esquerda Marxista (Brazilian section of the International Marxist Tendency) and from two international visitors: Davi Pena from Lucha de Clases (Venezuelan section of the IMT), and Jose Luis from Izquierda Socialista (Mexican section of the IMT).

Brazil camp4

Over the next two days there were discussions on various subjects, including what revolutionary policies are needed in Brazil, the oppression of women under capitalism, and a debate on the prospects for class struggle in Brazil and around the world, with input from the comrades from Venezuela and Mexico. We also had discussions in working groups of school and university students, and community activists. In these groups everyone could explain their experiences in their univeristy, school or social movement, and together we could plan our political interventions for the rest of the year.

Brazil camp3

In addition to the political discussions there were various cultural activities. These included a performance of The Twelve Steps musical; a rendition of Bertolt Brecht’s play The Exception and the Rule and a puppet show: The marriage of Marieta.

Brazil camp2

At the end of the final day, during the closing plenary session, we founded a new youth organisation with the name ‘Freedom and Struggle’ – an historic moment for the Brazilian youth.

by Ariele Efting, Esquerda Marxista 

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