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About us

We a democratic student-led organisation fighting for revolutionary socialism in the student and workers movement
Fighting for international socialist revolution

The recent past has demonstrated to the youth of Britain that capitalism offers them no future. We are fighting this broken system with revolutionary ideas. We are fighting for a brighter, socialist future.

In our opinion, the struggle for a clear socialist programme in the student and labour movement is essential. We need to build a strong national organisation of Marxist students to patiently, persistently and in a friendly, non-sectarian manner win the battle of ideas in our student unions, the NUS and among the broader layers of the working class.

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Marxist student campaigns - for more info

Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity

Campaigning in Britain to defend the rights of workers in Pakistan for more information and to get involved

Housing is a right

Campaigning for decent affordable housing for students and workers
Contact your local Marxist society for more information

Defend Corbyn, Fight for Socialism

Campaign to defend Jeremy Corbyn and fight for socialist ideas for more info and to get involved

Blacklist the blacklisters

Campaign to kick blacklisting construction companies off our campuses for more info and to get involved

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