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May 16, 2019 0

1.5 million take to the streets against education cuts: Bolsonaro Out!

By Marxist Student

  Over a million people marched yesterday against education cuts and pension counter reform during Brazil's national education strike. The national education strike, called by the National Confederation of Education Unions (CNTE) and National Union of Students (UNE) was in...

May 15, 2019 0

Thousands join education strike in Brazil: Bolsonaro Out!

By Marxist Student

  Today (15th May 2019), a huge education strike is taking place across Brazil, organised by the National Confederation of...

February 8, 2019 0

Brazilian Marxists organise against Bolsonaro!

By Marxist Student

100 years after the founding of the Third International, Marxists from all over Brazil met in Florianopolis for a 4...


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February 20, 2018 Off

[Video] Myths of Marxism: is communism undemocratic?

By Marxist Student

Some people argue that capitalism = democracy and communism = dictatorship. Is that really the case? Jess takes up the arguments.

November 2, 2017 Off

[Video] Myths of Marxism: do we need a revolution?

By Marxist Student

We all want to change the world, but is a revolution really necessary for that? Can't we just make reforms and adjustments to the existing system? Joe has the answers!

Why we Fight

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December 18, 2018 0

Why I Fight: Lenin, Prevent, and the struggle for socialism

By Marxist Student

The book that made me a Marxist was Lenin’s State and Revolution, which I first read at the age of 13. It was almost revelatory in how it showed me...


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January 29, 2019 0

Unison and IWGB should unite and fight UCL management

By Marxist Student

UCL Unison have recently launched a campaign to bring outsourced cleaning, catering and security staff back in house under the same conditions as staff directly employed by UCL, under the...