The Marxist Student Federation exists across the country in around 40 different Universities. Most of the groups in the Marxist Student Federation are based at universities, but the meetings are open to all and we invite and encourage workers to come along to our meetings! If there isn’t a Marxist group in your area and you’d like to find out how to set one up then get in touch using the form below, or email

Capitalism is in crisis and every day we’re seeing new crises arise. Students and workers are bearing the brunt of the dying system. We need to fight this. In order to change the world, we must first understand it. This is why we      write and publish articles about current events, theory and historical analysis.

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Marxism in the park – a huge success!

Marxist societies up and down the country have held successful park meet ups over May and June as COVID restrictions began to ease. After a year of lockdown, with many…
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Leeds headteacher attacks Palestine solidarity

Considering this close relationship it's no surprise that the British education system or at least the caricature of education that is the official curriculum also supports the concept of Zionism…

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Marxist Students have produced a series of videos explaining why they joined Socialist Appeal and the Marxist Student Federation and why they fight against the capitalist system. If you agree with the need to fight back against capitalism then fill out the contact form below and get involved!

At the Marxist Student Federation, we believe in fighting to change the world. That’s why we fight for the things we believe in. Not only do we fight alongside workers and youth, we fight campaigns of our own on issues we think are important. Stand with us and fight for a better world!


As Marxists, we understand that socialism is international, or it is nothing. This is why we’re proud to be a part the International Marxist Tendency, a revolutionary organisation present in over 40 countries – and growing! We are also supporters of Socialist Appeal, the Marxist Voice of Labour and Youth, which is the British section of the IMT. Check out these websites for more information.

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