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December 10, 2018 1

Yellow Vests and students – Appeal from Nanterre University

By Marxist Student

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly of students at Paris Nanterre University on Monday 10th December 2018: In the last two weeks the movement of outrage against Macron has done nothing bug grow. High school students are showing the way...

December 7, 2018 1

Solidarity with high school students in France – fight police repression!

By Marxist Student

On Thursday 6 December, high school students demonstrated outside a school in Mantes-la-Jolie, west of Paris. After a demonstration to...

December 7, 2018 0

French Marxist students call for general strike to bring down the government

By Marxist Student

Yesterday the General Assembly at Paul-Valery University in Montpellier passed a resolution calling for a general strike to bring down...


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February 20, 2018 Off

[Video] Myths of Marxism: is communism undemocratic?

By Marxist Student

Some people argue that capitalism = democracy and communism = dictatorship. Is that really the case? Jess takes up the arguments.

November 2, 2017 Off

[Video] Myths of Marxism: do we need a revolution?

By Marxist Student

We all want to change the world, but is a revolution really necessary for that? Can't we just make reforms and adjustments to the existing system? Joe has the answers!

Why we Fight

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December 18, 2018 0

Why I Fight: Lenin, Prevent, and the struggle for socialism

By Marxist Student

The book that made me a Marxist was Lenin’s State and Revolution, which I first read at the age of 13. It was almost revelatory in how it showed me...


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January 11, 2019 0

Which way forward for outsourced workers at KCL?

By Marxist Student

After successes at the London School of Economics (LSE), Kings College London (KCL), the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and others, outsourced workers at London universities are proving...