UCL Marxist elected as delegate to NUS conference

Emilie Dufwa, a member of the UCLU Marxist society committee, has been elected as a delegate to the NUS conference. In an 18-candidate race, out of which only 9 were elected as delegates, Emilie’s campaign was successful on the basis of a bold, socialist manifesto. Emilie is the second Marxist student to have been elected as a delegate to the NUS conference this year, the first being Fiona Lali, President of the SOAS Marxist society. Excellent campaigns have also been run in Warwick and Sheffield already this term, in both cases the Marxist candidates just missing out on election as delegates to the NUS conference.

The basis of Emile’s manifesto was the following, and her full manifesto is below:

I am a 2nd year philosophy student. I am a Marxist candidate and stand for a socialist, fighting NUS which links up the labor movement with the student movement to kick capitalism out of education! I want to make you feel connected with the NUS body by making sure all your voices and concerns are heard. I stand for A FAIR AND DEMOCRATIC UNIVERSITY RUN BY STUDENTS & STAFFS FOR STUDENTS & STAFFS. To struggle for your welfare, I want to arm the NUS with a clear and bold socialist program. We can no longer sit and wait for things to change. I believe that with 7 million students behind it, the NUS has immense fighting potential, which must be used to offer active support to a general struggle against all forms of oppression on campus (e.g. racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, islamophobia…), austerity and attacks on public services (e.g. NHS, mental health services…). Ultimately, I want FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL. The wealth of society must be put under the control of students and workers, and then used to fund education. The only way to achieve this is by campaigning for socialist policies within the labor movement.