Solidarity with the Pakistani Marxists and the PTUDC

November 11, 2014 Off By Marxist Student


The Marxist Student Federation (MSF) wishes to express its continued and determined support for the Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) in light of their recent appeal for expressions of solidarity with Pakistani comrades who have been attacked in the last few weeks.

On 2nd November, Comrade Ghufran – a leading figure in the PTUDC and fervent class warrior – was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists at his home Allahdand, in the district of Malakand. The perpetrators launched a grenade attack at 5.45am which caused damage to the building, but fortunately left no casualties. This attack is the latest development in a wave of similar attacks and threats perpetrated by fundamentalist reactionaries, as a means of intimidating socialists throughout Pakistan.

We can assume the same people who were responsible for the attempted assassination of Comrade Lund on the 25th September, can also be held accountable for more recent hostilities. Islamic fundamentalists have launched an extensive propaganda campaign against PTUDC comrades in recent months, denouncing them as ‘Infidels’ for their struggle against capitalism and imperialism. Threats of action against our comrades in the area have not been uncommon, and recent developments have only served to substantiate these threats.

The PTUDC was established in 1995, following the assassination of Arif Shah, the President of the Punjab Labour federation by agents hired by his employers. They have been ceaselessly and systematically striving for socialism since their establishment, and have made massive gains in spite of growing hostility towards the movement amongst the reactionary ruling classes and dogmatic Islamic fundamentalists, forces which Comrade Ghufran himself proclaimed as being ‘two sides of the same coin’. It is no great secret that the bourgeoisie and the jihadists in the region are in cahoots with each other, with regards to the oppression of the proletariat.

Conditions for workers in Pakistan are amongst some of the most desperate on the planet, but the consciousness of the working class in the region is strong. In spite of the numerous enemies on all sides of the political landscape, large sections of the Pakistani proletariat have been navigating towards a socialist transformation of society for some time. Aided by organisations such as the PTUDC and the IMT, campaigns for the alleviation of female oppression, the eradication of child labour and an end to privatisation have become articulate forces amongst the masses.

As fellow Marxist and comrades, the MSF wishes to express its solidarity with Comrade Ghufran and his comrades – but we would also like to take a moment to also express our emphatic appreciation. The courage and tenacity of the Pakistani Marxists is a great source of encouragement for all of us here in Great Britain, exemplifying to the rest of the world how in the face of massive reactionary forces, the fight for socialism can still prevail!

Along with the IMT, we appeal to Trade Union and youth movements both nationally and internationally, to support the PTUDC and send urgent protest messages to the following:  Federal Minister For the Interior of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf party, that is in power in the Pushtoonkhawa province in coalition with the Islamicist Jamaat a Islami,

with copies to Chief Minister and Home Minister of Khyber Pushtoonkhawa, to speed up the inquiry into this incident, ensure the safety of the comrades and punish the people responsible for this attack.

The Pakistani Comrades must continue in their valiant struggle against capitalism. Never before has the conditions for a Socialist transformation of the planet been so ripe and favourable, in the immortal words of Karl Marx, in the closing lines of the Communist Manifesto, ‘The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win’.

Workers of the world unite!

Send letters of protest to the following addresses:

  1. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan,

Federal Minister For the Interior,
R Block, Pak Secretariat
Islamabad (Pakistan)

Email Address:

  1. Pervez Khattak,

Chief Minister of Khyber Pushtoonkhawa,

Address: Chief Minister Secretariat,
Shahibzada Abdul Qayum Road,

Phone: 0092 91 9222460 464
Fax: 0092 91 9212237

Complaints can also be registered online at

  1. Interior Minister of Khyber Pushtoonkhawa,

Home & T.As Department
Civil Secretariat,


4) For a list of Pakistan embassies and consulates see:

5) For emails and offices of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf party in Pakistan and abroad you can go to their website at: