Socialist Appeal and the Marxist Student Federation invite our activists, supporters, and readers to Revolution 2015 – a weekend of talks, discussions, and debates about revolutionary ideas and socialist alternatives, covering Marxist theory, history, current events, and action. Hosted by the UCLU Marxist Society on the weekend of 26-28th June – book your tickets now!

All the meetings are at UCL. See this page for maps of the area. Email if you have any questions.


Friday 26th June

1pm-4pm: Lenin Walk – join Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal, for a free guided tour of the locations in London where Lenin and the Bolsheviks organised and socialised, ending for a drink in the pub where supporters of the 1871 Paris Commune (including Marx) met and drank.

5pm-6pm: Registration (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

6pm-8pm: The Political Earthquakes in Britain – Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal, and Ben Gliniecki from the Marxist Student Federation (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

Saturday 27th June

10am-10.30am: Registration (Cruciform, B404 LT2 and Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

11am-1pm: The Revolution Betrayed: The Soviet Union and Stalinism – Sam Ashton (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

11am-1pm: What is Money? – Adam Booth, editor of (Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

1pm-2pm: Break

2pm-4pm: The Rise of Podemos – Arturo Rodriguez, founder of the Oxford Podemos Circle (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

2pm-4pm: Reason in Revolt: Marxism, Philosophy, and Science – Alan Woods, author of Reason in Revolt (Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

4-4.30pm: Break

4.30pm-7pm: Syriza, Greece, and the Euro Crisis – Orestis Doulos (Syriza councillor in Athens) and Jorge Martin of the International Marxist Tendency (Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

7pm-11pm: The Revolutionary Party – social (Chadwick Building, room G08)

Sunday 28th June

10am-10.30am: Registration (Cruciform, B404 LT2 and Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

11am-1pm: The Life and Ideas of Leon Trotsky – Alan Woods, author of Lenin and Trotsky: What They Really Stood For (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

11am-1pm: Marxism and Anarchism – Daniel Morley, Editorial Board of Socialist Appeal (Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

1pm-2pm: Break

2pm-4pm: The Rise of Class Society – Stella Christou, Marxist Student Federation Executive Committee and anthropologist (Cruciform, B404 LT2)

2pm-4pm: Climate change, Crisis, and Capitalism – panel discussion with Shahrar Ali, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, and Adam Booth, editor of (Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT)

4-5pm: The System is Broken; We Need a Revolution! – closing remarks by Alan Woods of the International Marxist Tendency


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