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The Leeds University Marxist Society exists to spread the ideas of Marxism on campus. We believe that a better society – a socialist society – is possible, and would mean an end to the evils of capitalism: wars, unemployment, pollution, bigotry and poverty. Instead, we could live in a world where no-one has to suffer the indignity of poverty, and humankind can progress to a new era of prosperity. However, without understanding the society we live in, we cannot begin the task of changing it. The theory of Marxism is invaluable in helping us to make sense of today’s society; a good understanding of the world around us is a prerequisite to changing it for the better. As the Russian revolutionary leader V.I. Lenin said: “without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary action.”
Leeds University Marxist Society is open to everyone, whether they are a convinced Marxist or just want to learn a bit about socialism. Any student at the University of Leeds can join free, and non-students are more than welcome to get involved.We have regular meetings, talks and socials on different aspects of Marxist theory. However, we are not just a discussion club, and we are involved in the wider labour movement, and campaign on issues facing students and workers. In all of these activities, we are helped by our affiliation with the newly-formed national Federation of Marxist Students, which has Marxist Societies affiliated to it from across the country.Our meetings are on Thursdays at 7.30. To join the society, use your university login to sign in to the Leeds University Union website, and navigate to the Marxist society page (this can be found at:
http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org.uk/clubsandsocieties/politicalandcampaigning/marxist/). Click on ‘standard membership – add to basket’, and then go to the checkout.For those looking to learn more about Marxism, the best resource for news, analysis and theory on the internet is www.marxist.com. A helpful (and extensive!) Marxist education plan is available athttp://www.socialist.net/educate-yourself.htm.

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