Welcome to the Goldsmiths Marxist Society! We are a group of students within the university who fight for international socialist revolution. We have weekly meetings where we discuss various topics or read and discuss Marxist theory. We believe that theory guides action so as well as focusing on theory we are very much active politically both on and off campus. Last year our members were on the picket lines in solidarity with our striking lecturers to fight against the marketisation of education and we have also stood with both the cleaning and security staff during their battle to be brought back in-house. Off campus our members have been active within various movements. Over this summer we have attended protests for the Black Lives Matter Movement, marched for NHS pay rises and most recently attended protests for A-level students against the classist algorithm system. With the crisis of capitalism becoming ever more sharp it is more important now than ever to build the forces of Marxism. Join the Goldsmiths Marxist Society today!

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