Voting is now open for Leeds delegates to the NUS national conference! You have until 12 noon on Friday 9th December to vote for Nick Hallsworth and Robin Hanford on the Marxist slate. Vote here:

Here is our platform:

Free education, the scrapping of all tuition fees and associated debt, introduction of living grants, democratic control over student housing and an end to rent profiteering. No one should struggle to attain education because of inability to pay, when capitalists sit on untaxed and uninvested millions.

We condemn education cuts, that, like tuition fees, push the cost for capitalist crisis away from the culprits – the capitalist class – on to ordinary workers and youth.

We support university workers’ rights, and condemn privatisation, outsourcing, and attacks on the right to unionise and take strike action.

We advocate the democratic control over education by students and staff, and fight the profit-based direction of academia, that only values profitable subjects and allows private companies, profiteering from destruction through war and the environment, to dictate funding and make profit from university contracts.

We condemn all forms of racism on campus, aided by racist policy such as Prevent, which we oppose, and the rise in reaction precipitated by capitalist crisis and used by the ruling class to defend themselves.

We declare solidarity with student movements across the country and around the world, such as the UCL rent strike and the South African student movement, and all movements dedicated to overturning imperialism, oppression, and exploitation. These can only be overturned by socialism, and as such we want to build a movement for a fair and democratic society run by and for everyone.

by Nick Hallsworth and Robin Hanford, Leeds Marxists