Guidelines for group affiliation


Rights and responsibilities of MSF affiliates


  1. Any group of school students, university students or young workers can affiliate to the Marxist Student Federation (MSF).

  2. The group will receive support with organisational tasks, including guidance on how to run a meeting, how to promote the work of the group, and how to participate in and run a campaign.

  3. The group will receive political support, including notes, articles and texts on various topics, and visiting speakers from other affiliate groups from around the country.

  4. The group will be invited to join in the coordination of and participate in MSF blocs on national demonstrations.

  5. The group will have representation and voting rights at the annual national conference of the MSF.


  1. The group should agree with the political perspectives of the MSF, as approved by the national conference.

  2. The group should promote the ideas of Marxism and the MSF in its local area and/or institution, through regular meetings and campaigning work.

  3. The group should remain in regular and frequent contact with the MSF executive to discuss the work of the group.

  4. The group should contribute to the finances of the MSF at the following rates:

    • £20 per term for university groups (£30 solidarity)

    • £20 per term for FE college groups (£30 solidarity)

    • £10 per term for school groups (£20 solidarity)

    • £100 per year for young workers’ groups

Please write to to apply for affiliation.