Greenwich Marxist Society

Welcome to Greenwich Marxist Society! We are in the early stages of setting up the group in Greenwich with the support of local Marxists and strong sympathisers within the University. So far we have come across widespread interest and have been in discussion with radical students from Trinity Laban College of Music and Dance as well as Greenwich students. 

We have a full term card of talks for Winter 2020 with subjects including the student protests at the University of Manchester and the strike movement in Poland for women’s rights. Previous talks this Autumn have been on Capitalism and the Environment, Black Liberation and Mental Health. 

We organise through our Facebook page and mailing list and have our very own Zoom account for meetings. In the future we’d like to have face-to-face meet ups wherever possible, but Zoom allows us discuss and stay safe in these difficult times. We also run reading groups and are currently studying ‘Wage Labour & Capital’. For us it is crucial to study Marx’s revolutionary ideas first hand! 

We’re not just a talking shop though and want to link up with the workers movement in any way we can: we recently supported striking workers at the Tate Modern art gallery and are currently showing solidarity with Greenwich security guards and the IWGB to reinstate Kingsley Osadolor, wrongfully punished for trying to uphold covid-19 safety measures.  We need you to help build Greenwich Marxist Society, so join today! 

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