Free Palestine!

Free Palestine!

May 2, 2019 0 By Marxist Student


The election of Netanyahu for a new term as Isreali Premier paints a bleak horizon for the people of Palestine. In the West Bank, Jerusalem & Golan Heights, Palestinians live under military occupation. Living conditions in Gaza are atrocious, with over 60% youth unemployment, 40% living in poverty, with about 3-6 hours of electricity supply per day. The British ruling class, as an Imperialist power, also plays a large role in this oppression.

Last year was the UK’s record for arm sales to Israel, totalling £221 million exports. This most likely contributed to the murder of 59 civilians and injury of 2,700 at the Gaza border in May, to coincide with the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem orchestrated by Trump. The Palestinian struggle against Netanyahu & Imperialism is the same as our struggle against Theresa May & the capitalist class at home, and we have a duty to express solidarity with it. The struggle for freedom in Palestine is intrinsically linked to the struggle for Socialism, the only system under which we can break the perpetuation of oppression.

Join us on our revolutionary bloc at the National Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine, Saturday 11th May, in defence of Palestine’s right to self-determination and in favour of a Socialist Federation of the Middle-East.