Welcome to the Coventry Marxist Society, we began during the summer of 2020 as capitalism entered its deepest crisis in living memory. Our aim is to understand the world in order to change it. As part of the Marxist Student federation we have held weekly in depth discussion ranging from Why we need a Socialist Revolution, The True role of the Monarchy and LGBT Liberation. For those looking to dive deep into Marxist ideas we’ve held reading groups on everything from The Communist Manifesto, Socialism Utopian and Scientific, The State and revolution and many more. 

However, philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it! That’s why we helped organise the Coventry Rent Strike which saw over 500 students pledge to withhold their rent and resulted in the university putting forward an 80% reduction of rent through January to April and allowing students to terminate their contract early, this saved hundreds of students thousands of pounds. 

We’ve worked closely with UCU, Unite and others to put forward Socialist ideas throughout campus and the Labour movement and have held open stalls on campus to win wider layers to Marxist ideas. We are always looking for more people to take part, there has never been a better time to be a Marxist!

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