Fast Fashion: A Marxist analysis

  The events of 2020 have begun to expose processes previously hidden to most of us. Many are now questioning the status quo. We are being forced to consider how the things we buy are produced: the unsafe working conditions and the environmental destruction which underpin the production of cheap commodities under capitalism. Attractive models,

Kick capitalism out of education!

  Lewis Griffiths, Swansea Marxists: As with just about every other corner of society, the COVID-19 pandemic has once again brought to light the brutal contradictions fostered by capitalism in the education system. The marketisation of education has left the system so dependent on the tuition fees of students that over the coming year universities

Image: Felton Davis, Pixabay

Yemen: Imperialist powers twist the knife as COVID-19 worries escalate

Image:Felton Davis, Pixabay With the whole world’s attention turned towards the coronavirus crisis, the western-backed Saudi war on Yemen has continued unabated. The war machine and arms industry, fueling this savagery, have been deemed too essential to shut down during the pandemic. It is true that last Thursday, Saudi Arabia declared a unilateral two-week ceasefire on what they