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Why Marxists fight for nationalisation

It is incumbent upon every revolutionary to fight against the privatisation of publicly-owned services, and to agitate for further nationalisation. Thomas Soud of the Warwick Marxists explains why. The ongoing dispute between the RMT and Southern Railways ‒ coupled with Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal to place British rail services, water and utility companies back under public Read more about Why Marxists fight for nationalisation[…]

The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk: study guide

This year, the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, it’s the responsibility of all serious Marxists to study the history and lessons of the revolution. To help with this, Wellred Books has recently published a new edition of Trotsky’s 100 page pamphlet The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk, with a new preface by Alan Woods. Read more about The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk: study guide[…]

Stalin – the betrayer of the revolution

The Russian Revolution was the most important event in history, where for the first time the workers came to power and swept out all the landlords and capitalists. That revolution was led by the Bolshevik Party under Lenin and Trotsky. However, due to the revolution’s isolation in a backward semi-feudal country, surrounded by hostile imperialist Read more about Stalin – the betrayer of the revolution[…]

The significance of Lenin’s April Theses 1917

As part of our preparation for the national In Defence of Lenin conference we republish here an article by Darall Cozens from 2007. This month marks 90 years since Lenin returned to Russia from exile. He immediately embarked on the task of convincing not only the mass of workers, but also the Bolshevik leadership, that Read more about The significance of Lenin’s April Theses 1917[…]

Willy Wonka’s Exploitative Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory predates almost all my political knowledge, and the capitalist undertones of the novel could hardly be interpreted and analysed by a seven-year-old. As the question of class and race became an increasingly conscious factor in my political outlook, however, the connotations of the Oompa-Loompas being shipped from Africa Read more about Willy Wonka’s Exploitative Chocolate Factory[…]

Some fundamental questions on the policies of Lenin and Trotsky

This article was originally published in 1974, on the 57th anniversary of the Russian Revolution) in answer to a member of the Labour Party Young Socialists [the youth section of the Labour Party at the time], Frank Tippin, who wrote to Ted Grant posing a series of questions. We republish it here as part of Read more about Some fundamental questions on the policies of Lenin and Trotsky[…]