Capitalist crisis and national prejudice – language students caught in the crossfire

  In the latest move aimed at using the territory of Gibraltar to bolster political support, the Spanish foreign minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, has announced the closure of the Cervantes Institute, a Spanish language school in Gibraltar. Gibraltar has always been a bone of contention between Spain and Britain which has been used by the

Patriotism and Socialism

  The article below was written over 120 years ago by the French Workers’ Party and deals with the question of internationalism in the workers’ movement. ————————————- In their senseless rage against the rising popularity of the Wokers’ Party, our class enemies have one last card to play: slander. They are trying to tarnish our internationalist movement just

Politics, class and the Left in Luxembourg

  Below is an article sent to the Marxist Student Federation by Jean-Francois Delaporte of Jonk Lenk (Young Left) in Luxembourg. It outlines, for British and other readers, the political situation in Luxembourg at the present time, with reference to the student movement. ———————————————————— Luxembourg is a country known for its banking “industry”, its low

Public, Free and Accessible to All – the revolutionary campaign of the Brazilian Marxists

In the wake of the mass demonstrations that swept Brazil in 2013, a campaign called Publico, Gratuito e Para Todos: Transporte, Saude, Educacao! Abaixo a Repressao! (Public, Free and For All: Transport, Health and Education! Down with Repression!) was founded by Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left), the Brazilian section of the International Marxist Tendency. From 15 to 18 January

Sheffield College Trainee Teachers in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa

  The motion below was passed by trainee teachers at Sheffield College in solidarity with the disappeared students in Mexico and in solidarity with the struggle of those demanding justice for the crimes of the Mexican state. —————————————————– Sheffield College Trainee Teachers Note: Mexico is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis; since 2006, at

Resolution in Solidarity with the Mexican Students in Struggle

You can read here the resolution put together by Marxist students in Solidarity with the Mexican Students in Struggle, in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and in Ayotzinapa. To be put forward to Student Unions of respective Universities by Marxist Societies and others in Solidarity with the Mexican Students.  The Students’ Union Notes: Mexico is in the middle of a