Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity Campaign

The Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity (PTUS) Campaign is an international solidarity campaign set-up to connect Pakistani youth, workers and trade unionists with international workers, working-class organisations and unions with the aim to gather support for efforts and campaigns of Pakistani youth and workers. PTUS young volunteers are active in various trade unions and youth groups and are involved in campaigns on pay conditions, workplace health and safety, against gender pay gap, against child labour, right to form a union, and defending unions from attacks from bosses and the state.

Trade unions were banned for a long time in Pakistan particularly during dictatorial regimes. Even the so-called democratic governments in Pakistan failed to establish or permit regular and functional trade unions in different workplaces across the whole country. As a result, there is a continuous erosion of working and living conditions of workers in various sectors.
This does not mean that Pakistani workers are not struggling for their rights. Daily we see struggles of workers in different factories and sectors for better working and living conditions. However, these atomised struggles fail to achieve a broader objective of gaining worker’s rights. Bosses and the state often silence the worker’s dissent, often through brutal means.

As revolutionary internationalists, we can and should play a role in fighting for workers’ rights internationally. Here in Britain our campaign for the rights of Pakistani workers, whose labour rights are among the worst in the world, is also a way of supporting trade union rights in this country.

Marxist students can campaign as part of the PTUS Campaign by raising the question in your local student or trade union branches. Passing resolutions and sending messages of support through these organisations is an important part of building an international solidarity network.

Raising money is also a vital part of the work of the PTUS Campaign. Legal costs, strike funds and campaign material all come at a cost which can be very difficult for Pakistani workers to bear. Here in Britain, even a small donation can go a long way in Pakistan so asking local political groups, student and trade unions to make a donation to the campaign is a great way to support the campaign.

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