Tell The Truth: The Opium Wars

Among the most formidable civilisations that early capitalism had to confront in its period of ascent was China. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx listed among the key moments of capitalist development not only the conquest of the Americas and the transatlantic slave trade, but also the opening of new markets in the Indian subcontinent and East Asia. The horrors which attended capitalist domination in Asia were scarcely less than those seen in the Atlantic.

One year on: Britain’s COVID catastrophe

The super-rich have only gotten richer throughout this pandemic. Whilst the Tories’ friends in big business have lined their pockets through corruption and cronyism, millions of workers have faced job losses and pay cuts; and millions more have put their lives at risk on the frontline. The only way of achieving justice for all of those who have suffered in this COVID catastrophe is for workers and youth to organise and kick out this rotten Tory government – and the rotten capitalist system that they defend.

Anti-Asian racism and mass murder

On Tuesday, March 16, eight people, including six women of East Asian descent, were shot and killed at three separate spas in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The suspect, Robert Aaron Long, is a white man who had a history of frequenting Asian massage parlors, including the site of his first Read more…