Poverty pay and outsourcing: University workers fight back

Support staff at Leeds University, organised in Unison, are on strike this week, fighting for decent pay. This is one of many struggles taking place on UK campuses, as workers and students mobilise against the marketisation of education. After 12 years of below-inflation pay, higher education (HE) staff organised in Unison are at breaking point. The bosses – in collaboration with university bureaucrats – are stopping at nothing to protect their profits Read more…

Liverpool: Remembering May ’68

On Thursday 26 May, the Liverpool Marxist Society had the latest in our series of monthly meetings at The Casa. The topic of the discussion, seasonally themed, was May ’68 – a French uprising sparked by students and resulting in huge general strikes of a militant working class. Our meeting had a strong turnout of 18 people, including many new faces. The meeting began with an overview of May ’68 and what Read more…

UEA: Remembering May ’68

On Thursday 19th we had our final Marxist society meeting of the academic year at UEA, on the events in May ‘68. We had 13 attendees and some completely new faces who were interested in these events. May ‘68 isn’t common knowledge, so it was interesting to learn the history of the movement that happened only 50 years ago and just across the channel! 

Dual power in France – A Militant leaflet, May 1968

Supporters of the Marxist Tendency, then gathered around the Militant journal in Britain, intervened in the French events of May 1968. Here we provide the text of a leaflet that was distributed to the British workers and youth. In it they warned that with the way the French CP and trade union leaders were behaving the French bourgeois could regain control of the situation.

Not a nut or bolt turns in hundreds of occupied factories: not a wheel moves in public transport. The reactionary newspapers’ lies are “censored” by the printers and so are those of the radio and television. The French working class in its millions cocks its little finger, and the vast complex of French capitalism grinds to a halt.

What a mighty demonstration of the invincible power of the working class, when it begins to move! How crushing a refutation this is of all those cynics and sceptics who have written off the working class as “bought off”, “apathetic” etc! How clear it should be to even the most politically uneducated worker that their French brothers would now be firmly in power, but for the craven, cowardly policies of the French Labour and Trade Union leaders. This is the essence of the events which have shaken the French ruling class and terrified the exploiters of the world!