Britain: back to ‘business as usual’ – is austerity over?

It is undeniable that the pandemic has hammered the final nail into the coffin of the previous epoch. But jubilant claims that austerity is a thing of the past have proved premature, as the ruling class begins to wind up its COVID spending spree and resume attacks on workers. The question is, what is the character of this new period, and what will it entail for the working class?

Threat to Archaeology – an attack on our history and our heritage

The Tory government has been attacking archaeology on several fronts in recent years – in schools, universities and museums. This is part of the government’s plans to cut funding by 50% for Art and Design courses, of which archaeology is considered part of. These cuts are a clear and rather brutal attack on our education system, and the arts and cultural sector in general. 

Private renting and crisis for young people

The pandemic has  exposed the deep inequality and contradiction that underpins capitalist society. In particular, – the scandals of landlordism and marketised higher education. This has led to a deep anger amongst the youth (a very large proportion of whom are private tenants) towards landlords. 

Nurses and the unions: Fight for fair pay – strike for 15%

Whilst lining the pockets of their rich chums, the Tories have only offered nurses a pathetic 3% pay rise – a cut when accounting for inflation. The unions must mobilise healthcare workers to take coordinated action and strike for 15%. As of January this year, over 850 health and social care workers have died on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. This is one of the highest death tolls in Europe; Read more…